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In this two-hour workshop, we invite a young inventor and an adult to dive into the universe of electronics and music through our Pianotronic! By assembling this hands-on electric piano, you’ll learn about all the components used to bring this incredible piece of technology to life.
Moreover, you’ll get to take the Pianotronic home with you and even learn a few songs. Come along!

6 to 12 year old inventor + one adult

May 4th – from 10am to 12pm

Richmond Library Annexe (gmaps)


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Total fees for the workshop are £74 (for 1 adult and 1 young inventor), including all materials and guidance for the assembly of the piano.

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Well, what is a Pianotronic?

It’s actually an electric piano! It’s like an acoustic piano, but instead of producing sounds with strings and a soundboard, it generates sound using electricity. We’ll start off with a breadboard and add electronic components such as pressure buttons, an integrated circuit, resistors, and more! When you press a key on the Pianotronic, it sends an electrical signal to a speaker, which then transforms it into music. To complete the project, we’ll construct an MDF structure to give it the appearance of a real piano. You can count on a symphony of creativity and amazing moments with this innovative product!


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